MISSION STATEMENT: The Hamakua Artisans’ Guild seeks to foster
and promote art and craft from the members of the Guild and to enhance artistic
creativity on the Hamakua Coast.

The Hamakua Artisans’ Guild was formed in 1999 by a group of artists living
and working on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. Membership
is open to anyone that supports the mission statement.

Artisan members are included in the directory. Some are linked to photos, bios,
statements and contact information. Contact individual artisans to find out more
about their work, where to find it and how to visit their studios.

The Guild currently sponsors several events each year on the Big Island of
Hawaii, along the Hamakua Coast. These include the an annual Studio Tour and Sale,
when Artisan members of the Guild open their studios to the public for a weekend that
includes demonstrations, hands on activities, and displays of their artwork.
Other events include special exhibits and fund raisers. go to Events

The group is governed by a volunteer board of directors and has no employees.
Membership / Board meetings are usually held the third Thursday of each month.
The organization is primarily funded through membership dues, event fees and donations.

Current committees include:

Events: To provide sales, exhibition and publicity opportunities for Guild members. To provide fund raising opportunities for the Guild. To assist in providing fund raising opportunities for other community groups.

Membership: To promote the Hamakua Artisans’ Guild membership and encourage participation within the Guild. Membership renewal is in September.

Communications: Public relations, communication flow within the Guild and web page coordination.

Education: To bring art education to public schools, home school groups, the community and the Guild membership.

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Hamakua Artisans' Guild on the Big Island of Hawaii
P.O. Box 2025     Honokaa, Hawaii 96727

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