The Guild has two levels of membership for Artisans and an additional
category of Patron.

Artisan membership shall be granted to those artisans who have a
professional status in the arts, which includes a state excise tax
license and who are pursuing the sale of his or her work. They
must be a member at least 4 months prior to be able to participate
in the Guild’s Arts Festivals and other such events. Members
can be expected to be fully conversant with all aspects of their
particular field and produce work of a very high quality.

Associate members shall be those aspiring artisans who have yet to become established as a professional, either by not having an excise tax license and/or by not pursuing the sales of his/her work. Associate Members are nominated by their peers in the guild to become Artisan members.

Patrons shall be those members who may not be artisans however who support the arts in general and the Guild in particular with dues, energy and input and/or support it's endeavors in various ways. Interested people may become Patrons and are welcome at general meetings and other functions. They receive our regular mailouts detailing Guild activities, previews of exhibits and studio tours, and invitations to members only social events, as well as a complementary ad in the yearly Guild Studio Tour brochure, and an active link to their web site and e-mail on the membership list at the Hamakua Artisans' Guild web site.

Click here for Membership application form (print and mail in w/check)


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