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Rachel Baker
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Rachel Baker - Hawaii artist.My earliest memory of loving to create things is learning to crochet when I was seven – I made a dress. I come from a family of can-do-ers and that spirit stays with me to this day. I pursued drawing, watercolor painting, and figure drawing throughout my formal education. I apprenticed as a sign painter in high school and continued painting signs through college. I experimented with fabric, starting with making quilted pictures and moving to fabric collage on canvas. Then, I discovered glass in 1998 and fell in love with it.

I saw the potential to "paint" using the glass as the medium, but having the rich color and texture that glass provides. I worked with various mentors to learn and improve my technique and in 2006 started my stained glass business, Rachel's Little Glass Shack. Since then I have done traditional stained glass and fused glass.

I moved to the Big Island of Hawai'i in 2008 with my husband and two children. The natural beauty of the island attracted me and inspires my work. This inspiration allows me to create works of art that bring an appreciation of ocean life, the island and color in those who view my work. Turtles, dolphins, whales, manta rays, tropical fish and flowers are all subjects inspired by this island. The colors that inspire me are bright, full colors, particularly vibrant in glass! And since my work reflects this natural beauty, the beauty of the island can be shared around the world.

I create stained glass panels that can either be hung or installed. I've done panels with ocean themes, tropical themes, flowers and others. See my website for examples of my work (

Hawaii Painting.
"Tropical Splendor"

Stained glass.

Stained Glass.

With fused glass, I have the opportunity to create pieces that are more functional, but also have the exquisite beauty of glass. I've had fun creating fused glass coverings for wine stoppers, business card holders and other useful items; as well as making plates, bowls and clocks with the same types of images I've enjoyed making in glass panels. The dichroic glass that I use scatters the light as it reflects it, producing a unique effect. I've also used the dazzling dichroic glass to make pendants and earrings.

Beyond doing stained glass type art with fusing, I have found that I can create depth in a piece using fusing techniques resulting in something very different from what can be done in traditional stained glass. I've created depth by experimenting with jumbles of glass color – on top of and underneath detailed parts. I continue experimenting with creating different effects with the glass that I can incorporate into pieces with the images that inspire me.

Honu Plate
"Honu Plate"

Hawaii art.
"Surf Clock"

Monstera Plate.
"Monstera Plate"

My work can be seen in various locations throughout the Big Island, such as The Gallery of Great Things in Waimea, The Harbor Gallery in Kawaihae, Ackerman's Gift Shop in Kapa'au, Pele's Hokulele in Keauhou and Trudy's Island Art in Kona.

Wine Stopper
"Honu Wine Stopper"

To see more of my work, visit my website at

Contact me for more information or for an appointment to visit my studio:
(808) 776-1913 or (808) 443-3730; e-mail to

To contact me through mail, write to: Rachel Baker, Rachel's Little Glass Shack, P.O. Box 352, Honokaa, HI 96727.

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