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Teresa Crowell - beaded necklace.
Beaded Neclace.
Teresa Crowell - opal necklace.
Opal Necklace..
Beaded Bracelet..

Teresa Crowell
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Teresa Crowell.Teresa Crowell is a Waimea artisan, and is an active member of the WAC and the Hamakua Artisan Guild.

Born and raised in Southern, CA and eventually finding Tucson, AZ as a stepping stone before making the Big Island her home.

She returns to Tucson annually during the Gem & Mineral Trade Shows which are the largest in the world.

The trip is primarily for shopping for new semi precious stones, sterling silver findings, learning new tricks of the trade and finding other unique treasures that set her jewelry apart from others. Intricate pieces are her favorite. Some taking up to 10 hrs. to complete.

She sells her jewelry throughout the year with the Hamakua Artisans as well as other venues throughout the Big Island. She has also taught classes in basic beading.

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